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 Cheat Ayodance Perfect PF 2010 2011

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PostSubyek: Cheat Ayodance Perfect PF 2010 2011   Fri May 13, 2011 9:11 pm

How to use Cheat Ayodance Perfect PF 2010, please follow the steps below:

1. Download cheat and password, then disable anti-virus on your computer
- Download Cheat Auto Perfect (PF)
- Download Password Cheat Auto Perfect (RF)
2. extract the zip file results from the download free cheat
3. copy all the contents of the folder to folder, including the contents of the folder instalation AyoDance AuditionDll
4. Run program
5. pf change its setting from 5 to 7
6. Check List on kick hoat
7. that under browse the files already copied in the earlier copy. (Files in the folder AuditionDll)
8. let’s start the Ayodance as usually
9. in the lobby press F6 in the room press f3 before starting the game ..
10. Happy Auto pf ria

I love bonus also Download Games Cheat Ayodance, although if you want to be a gamer, do not use to be A Gamer Cheat

1. Download Cheat Games Ayodance

1. When the song started sung Press F9 until the bar stops at the white line
2. After pressing the space bar street and press F9 again
3. Repeat in a row until your fingers swollen

Reff : http://blogger-pesta...t-no-delay.html

dont forget the+++,,, ok!
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PostSubyek: Re: Cheat Ayodance Perfect PF 2010 2011   Sat May 14, 2011 12:04 am

Therad saya lock karena mengandung Promo pig

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Time is tickin’. T-Time is tickin’, tickin’.

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geu dae, nul mu ri bu re sso da ji neun geol, i yu eob shi sso da ji neun geol
ah mu do mo reu jyo, shim jang so ge yu ri jo gak pok pung i mo ra chi neun geol
sang cheo ga byeong i dwae seo. mo deun mu ni byeo gi dawe seo
geo ul so ge nae ga jeo gi dwae seo ah.peu.jyo?

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Cheat Ayodance Perfect PF 2010 2011
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